Dacorum Holistic Healthcare Team

It is often difficult for GPs to find sufficient time to dedicate to the care of complex patients or to adequately communicate with the numerous health and social care providers on their behalf.

The Dacorum Holistic Healthcare Team has been established by Dacorum GPs to deliver a fully integrated service combining Health, Social care and Mental Health.


On behalf of Dacorum GPs - working closely and communicating better with other service providers and social care services to address the needs of vulnerable, complex patients.


The Team undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the patients need s and offers patients the opportunity to have care coordinators acting as their advocates, in place of their GPs to contact different agencies to organise additional input aimed at enhancing their well being.


The Team focuses on the physical, social and mental health needs of patients over the age of 18 years referred to the service by Dacorum GPs.


The Team will have the time to dedicate to the care of these complex patients and to act on your behalf in communicating with health, social care and voluntary agencies.


When the Team receive a referral they will:

  •          Visit the patient and undertake a holistic assessment of their needs

  •          Communicate with the GP to ensure they aware of the actions being taken on behalf of their patient


The service is available between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.