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Community Pharmacists

Community pharmacists work as part of a general practice team to resolve day-today medicine issues and consult with and treat patients directly. This includes providing extra help to manage long-term conditions, advice
for those affected by polypharmacy and better access to health checks.

Community pharmacists will provide leadership on medicines optimisation and
quality improvement. They will support further integration of general practice with the wider healthcare teams (including community mental health and hospital pharmacy) to help utilise skill mix, improve patient outcomes,ensure better access to healthcare and help manage general practice workload. Pharmacists can offer holistic reviews of complex medication — looking at physical health, mental heath and specialist medicines together — and, increasingly, use independent
prescribing to add value.

Charles Odiase 

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Prash Manhandar 

Clinical Pharmacist

Priti Mapara 

Clinical Pharmacist

Sapana Sheth

Clinical Pharmacist

Suraj Shah.jpg

Suraj Shah

Jeena Patel.jpg

Jeena Patel

Kiran Chauhan_edited.jpg

Kiran Chauhan

Deborah Baah.jpg

Deborah Baah

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