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Enhanced Hours

Improving access to general practice

The General Practice Forward View published in April 2016 set out plans to enable clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to commission and fund additional capacity across England to ensure that, by 2020 everyone has improved access to GP services including sufficient routine appointments at evenings and weekends to meet locally determined demand, alongside effective access to out of hours and urgent care services.

Why do we need to improve access?

Public satisfaction with general practice remains high, but in recent years patients have increasingly reported, through the GP Patient Survey, more difficulty in accessing services including a decline in good overall experience of making an appointment in general practice.

However, good access is not just about getting an appointment when patients need it. It is also about access to the right person, providing the right care, in the right place at the right time.


Dacorum Healthcare Providers working with practices across Dacorum are working to implement an extended access service by the end of June 2018 and to deliver a truly accessible service for the patients we serve.

How to book or cancel an appointment

Click on the "I am a patient" button below for details.

David Adams - Project Manager

Lisa O'Connor - Administrator

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